Projects and creations by Jacob Scrapchansky

waitfor CLI Tool

Any GNU/Linux user will tell you that systemd is problematic. This is because it is. Recently, I have been having issues with systemd dependencies that do not allow me to start my processes when the SMB Server is not available. There is currently no directive that systemd has (that actually worked) that has helped me…
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Starting up again

For the past 2 years I have been making small changes to this website in the hopes that I would really have the time to make changes and make improvements. I think now, I finally have this time to truly engage with this site and share projects that I am working on. So, as always,…
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By the Water Gallery

I wanted to add another Gallery to the site after the first one. So I decided to add my portfolio that I made from the summer. These were taken in multiple different locations with multiple different cameras. Download By the Water

Mountain Gallery

The gallery is finished! I’m really glad to finally get some actual art on this site since its startup, and I think its a pretty good start! Unfortunately there aren’t as many photos as I had hoped due to poor weather conditions and bad timing. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the photos! I encourage people…
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Welcome to the Site!

Here is where I’m going to keep my projects and ideas, so stay tuned and see for yourself what I have to offer.