PYAPP is the new online app system for FangOS, it is an extension that allows you to download apps, automations, and extensions from the online Repositories.


  1. To install PYAPP, click the download link wait for it to download
  2. Click on the download .zip to decompress it
  3. Move the file to your main home folder, where FangOS and its folders are located
  4. Drag it into the Fang_Extensions folder, and then it will be ready to use.

To use PYAPP to install Fang apps, extensions, and automations, simply open FangOS and type in the command ‘pyapp’, once it is installed. The command should launch a software that lists the available software on the store. To install one, simply enter the name of the software that you would like to download (Match the case) and wait for it to finish. Once it is done, your newly downloaded software can be used and launched just like any other software on FangOS. NOTE: Downloading new software will delete any software that shares the same name as it.

There are 4 other arguments to run and use builtin widgets in PYAPP

  • ‘pyapp install [SOFTWARE]’ – will install the software with the name [SOFTWARE], for installing software with only one entry/command.
  • ‘pyapp ext’ – launches a widget that can be used to make shortcuts to apps, can dedicate a single command to an app without having to type in ‘load’.
  • ‘pyapp del_ext’ – launches a widget for deleting any previously made shorcuts, if needed.
  • ‘pyapp del_soft’ – launches a widget for deleting PYAPP software, if needed.

NOTE: You may have to restart FangOS after entering any of these commands, or use the ‘reinit’ command if you have a newer version of FangOS.

Full Support:

  • FangOS 0.2 BETA

Supports Extensions and Apps:

  • FangOS 0.1 BETA (unstable)
  • FangOS 0.1

Supports Apps only:

  • FDEE (will have to be placed outside of Fang_Extensions, outside of any folder in the user folder)

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