DeskLink is a software for creating shortcuts to webpages, and soon apps and files.

Coming soon to Windows 7-10

WARNING: Not fully ported to FangOS on Mac OSX, there may be many graphical errors

  1. Click the download link and wait for it to finish.
  2. Click on the .zip file to decompress it.
  3. Move the file to your main home folder, where FangOS and its folders are located.
  4. Drag it into the Fang_Extensions folder, and then it will be ready to use.
  1. Make sure PYAPP is installed before entering the necessary commands.
  2. Start FangOS and enter the command ‘pyapp install DeskLink’.
  3. Then Enter the command ‘reinit’ to save the changes.
  4. The Extension will be ready without the need to restart FangOS.

To launch DeskLink for FangOS, enter the command ‘desklink’ for it to run. NOTE: We recommend using the ‘===SUBPROCESS’ modifier as DeskLink is a program that is useful when running in the background at all times. Once the program is ready (It might have to initialize a few more scripts), It will open a window that allows you to create and manage website shortcuts to keep on your desktop.

There are no other Arguments

Full Support:

  • FangOS 0.2 BETA
  • FangOS 0.1
  • FangOS 0.1 BETA
  • FDEE (will have to be placed outside of the Fang_Extensions folder and in the same folder as FDEE)

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